1) Avoid Wasteful Heating and Cooling.

Have to work late tonight? Tell your Sensi thermostat to maintain your “away” temperature for a few more hours. Coming home early? Tell it to get the house ready sooner. Forget to change the thermostat before leaving for vacation? No problem. Save up to 30% in energy costs. This could be hundreds of dollars every year.

2) Put Yourself in control of your home temperature.

Sensi’s wifi-enabled technology adapts to your wishes whenever and from wherever you want. With other thermostats, the program you’ve entered calls the shots – unless you’re there in your home to change it yourself. From your own bedroom or from your hotel room across the country, you can punch in new instructions – anytime, anywhere.

3) You can Install and Program your SENSI Thermostat yourself with our Smartphone App.

No other thermostat on the market lets you do that.

You really can do it yourself. And it takes only minutes.

4) The SENSI Thermostat knows how to make itself at home

The app tells you how to install your Sensi thermostat. Don’t know what kind of heating and cooling system you have? The app will help you figure that out too.

The Sensi thermostat is compatible with nearly all heating and cooling (HVAC) systems.


Upon receipt of my Sensi, I was immediately impressed with the sleek design and informative interface. Once I downloaded the (free) app, I was blown away at the thorough, yet simple step by step instructions that guided me thru the dis-assembly of my (old) thermostat and installation of the Sensi. This thermostat is not only sensible for the tech savvy world we live in today, but it is also simple enough for those that prefer to live within the comforts of yesterday. Jeff L.Aiken, SC

The Sensi is great. I thought it might be too complicated to deal with but honestly it’s easier to use than my old thermostat. I live in a 100 year old house that can get drafty at times – but now if it feels cold in the baby’s room, I can warm up the house from my phone while I’m rocking him to sleep upstairs, easy as that. It’s one of those easy, no-brainer, 15-minute home improvements you’ll think to yourself, why didn’t I do this sooner? Aaron Y.Kansas City, MO

Key Features:

Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat

The Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostat is a truly universal Wi-Fi solution providing remote access from your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Sensi does not require a “C” wire in most applications. The Sensi App allows you to be connected to your home comfort – anytime from anywhere. Connects thermostat to home router – no additional accessories/gateway needed. Easy to install, simple to connect. No ‘C’ wire required for most HVAC applications. Up to 4 heat, 2 cool with industry leading control of /- 1 degree.
• Wi-Fi Thermostat – remote access from smartphone, tablet or PC
• No “C-wire” required for most HVAC applications – allows use of Sensi in most homes.
• 7-day programmable Universal thermostat works with virtually any system, avoids wasteful heating and cooling when you’re not at home, saving on energy.
• The intuitive Sensi App makes thermostat installation,programming and operation simple and fast. Free app is compatible with android and iOS devices.
• Adjust the temperature with just a touch, from anywhere when Sensi is connected to the home Wi-Fi router – control is always at hand.
• Sensi thermostat works like a standard thermostat when not connected to Wi-Fi.
• 3 year warranty

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