5 Causes of a Central AC Blowing Warm Air

Hot air is the last thing you want from your home’s AC unit. But don’t worry just yet, we’ve got your back.

Truth is, there are a ton of different variables that lead to warm air blowing out of your air conditioner. Before calling an AC repair company, here are 5 common causes to help narrow your focus and point you in a cool direction.

Let’s start with the easy things to troubleshoot
Thermostat setting
The first thing you should do it is to check your thermostat. Make sure your system is set to “COOL,” your fan is switched to “AUTO” and your temperature setting is well below what the room temperature reads on your thermostat (at least 5 degrees).

Dirty condenser unit
Take a look at your outside unit—also known as a “condenser unit”. Make sure there’s nothing visibly interfering with your system’s moving parts. Look for dirt, leaves, tall grass, or debris. If you see a blockage, remove it (and remember the importance of regular air conditioning maintenance).

Dirty air filter
When was the last time you changed your air filter? It isn’t an urban myth; a clean air filter is very important.

Why? The air filter protects your AC’s inner workings from dust, dirt, and debris and promotes proper airflow. You should check your air filter once a month. For more information on the proper filter to use click here

Here’s some help identifying more complex causes

Low refrigerant leak
Low refrigerant is another common reason for an AC to blow warm air. Losing refrigerant means losing your cool. However, you’ll need a professional to figure out if this is the problem. Remember, the refrigerant isn’t used up like gas. So if you’re low it means you have a leak and a professional needs to find and fix the leak before adding more refrigerant.

Leaky air ducts
It’s also possible you have a leak in an air duct that’s messing with your system’s cooling process. If your ducts are hidden in your walls, attic, or basement, you’ll need to contact a professional for help. More on leaking air ducts here.

If you have exhausted all your efforts and still no cold air, don’t sweat, we are a click or phone call away. Call 515-262-8055 or visit www.besthce.com