When choosing a cooling mechanism for your home, you need to decide whether to use residential ductless systems or not. There are multiple advantages to this type of configuration. We at Best Heating, Cooling & Electric, Inc. have assisted countless homeowners in the installation of these machines. Allow us to help you in the same way. We’re confident that you will be pleased with these systems as they are known for:

Faster Installation

Installing ducts takes a long while. Large homes may require weeks to completely cover because of the number of rooms and the complexity of the layout. If you want something that is fast and easy to install, then opt for the ductless kind of air conditioner. These can be completed within the day. Ductless mini split systems are particularly popular among homeowners these days. Only a small air handler remains inside the house while the larger condenser unit sits outside.

Less Expensive

Using this kind of system can turn out to be less expensive overall. Several units will be needed instead of just one but these tend to have a reasonable price. Installation service will surely cost much less because of the fewer man-hours required to complete the project. What’s more, operation can be lower as well because each unit can be individually controlled. Occupants can turn off their AC as they leave their rooms whereas central air systems service the entire house at all times even if it is nearly empty.

Minimal Modifications

For old homes, adding ducts can be a tricky thing to do if they weren’t designed to have them in the first place. Sections will have to be modified to create openings for the ducts to flow from one floor to another. The integrity of the structure might be compromised. For less headaches, use residential ductless systems.