I used Best Heating, Cooling & Electric Inc in September to check on my furnace and correct an electrical problem. I highly recommend Best Heating, Cooling & Electric Inc Company. I had set an appointment with them on Monday but they actually showed up on Friday because they had free time. So they came out early, may be some people wouldn’t like that but we happened to have available time. The technician was not here for very long but he got everything done. He was gone like in thirty to forty minutes. He went right to work. He told me what exactly the problem was. He wrote it down on a paper for me. He also changed a minor setting in the furnace. He was able to fix an electrical problem too. We had a molten switch in the kitchen and one of the switches was broken into half. I didn’t want to fool around with it because it was sparking, so I wanted to be sure it was okay. He checked that for me and it was okay. He also checked the box in the garage. So he followed up on everything. He recommended a kind of a filter for the furnace, not the one that’s too tight because we had trouble with the air getting through it and my husband later went and picked up the right kind. When he was here the first time, I think it was the last year, he had told us that we were putting the filter in a wrong place. I think there is a booklet that tells one exactly where to put it but I really haven’t gone trough it. So, the technician this time showed me where the filter is and now I know incase it needs to be changed. Best Heating, Cooling & Electric Inc Company also has electric service, which is wonderful. They do maintenance as well otherwise I would have had two major contractors for two different jobs. That is fantastic. They work very efficiently. I signed up a contract with them to have them out on a regular basis. It was $350 which will cover three different services. That way they will call me and I don’t have to call them to come out. I trust them to do that. They are extremely professional. They provide very effective and speedy service. They talk to me directly they just don’t walk out the door and send the bill. They clearly tell me what the problem was and how they fixed it. Their price is very reasonable in comparison to other companies in the area. My experience with them has been excellent. I have two more services left in my contract so I would use them again. I saved 10% this particular time and will save that much each time there after. I figured that at the price I pay them it will be easier for them to call me because there are so many other things in my home that need maintenance too. I’m thrilled with them. I’m very glad that I found a company that I could recommend to others.