Global Plasma Solutions
Why Use GPS?
GPS is the Technology Innovator – Over 30,000 Installations Worldwide!

Global Plasma Solutions (GPS) is the pioneer in needlepoint bi-polar ionization cold plasma technology. With one patent granted, and numerous other patents pending, GPS is the uncontested market innovator creating disruptive technology in numerous markets. Outside of the residential, commercial and industrial HVAC markets, GPS has developed products for commercial and private aviation, commercial high speed hand dryers and automobiles, just to name a few. GPS is truly the market leader! At GPS, we are Always Innovating, Never Imitating!

GPS is 50% Veteran Owned and Operated

Wounded Warrior
GPS is 50% veteran owned and over 66% of the manufacturing employees are US veterans! Nearly all of GPS’ products are 100% USA raw material sourced and manufactured in our 10,000ft2 facility located in Savannah, GA.

Third Party Testing to Prove Claims
Independent 3rd party testing by multiple entities including the CDC Elite rated EMSL Labs, ATS Labs, Bureau Veritas, and Green Clean Air are just a few sources that have lab and field tested GPS’ products to verify the effects of the patented cold plasma technology.

No Replacement Parts & Essentially No Maintenance

Unlike GPS’ competitors, GPS is the only manufacturer that builds self-sustaining systems that never require replacement parts. No ion tubes to replace, wash or calibrate, how much easier could it get? In the majority of applications, there are no maintenance requirements.

GPS’ needlepoint cold plasma has many benefits.

Odor Control – The ions produced by GPS’ patented needlepoint ionization breaks down gases with electron-volt potential numbers below 12 to harmless compounds prevalent in the atmosphere such as oxygen, nitrogen, water vapor and carbon dioxide. The resultant compounds are a function of the entering contaminants into the plasma field. A simple example would be formaldehyde, which is produced by building furnishings and thought to be carcinogenic; formaldehyde breaks down to carbon dioxide and water vapor, thus eliminating the health hazard. Another example is ammonia, which is produced by occupants (typical body odor smell), and ammonia breaks down to oxygen, nitrogen and water vapor. As you can see, what chemical you start with determines how it reacts with the ionization field and how it breaks down.

Reduction in Airborne Particles – The positive and negative ions are drawn to airborne particles by their electrical charge. Once the ions attach to the particle, the particle grows larger by attracting nearby particles of the opposite polarity, thereby increasing the filtration effectiveness.

Kills Virus, Bacteria & Mold – In The Space – Similar to how positive and negative ions surround particles, they are also attracted to pathogens. When the ions combine on the surface of a pathogen, they rob the pathogen of the hydrogen necessary for them to survive. During the final step of deactivation, the ions eliminate hydrogen from the pathogen and then the plasma cleansing process is complete, making the airborne virus, bacteria or mold spore inactive.


Control Allergens – The positive and negative ions generated in the HVAC system flow free into the occupied space through the forced air system. Once this occurs and the deactivation of the airborne contaminants is complete, people with allergies have reported a reduction in symptoms and many have reported a reduction in required medication or no medication required at all!

Be Cautious of GPS’ Competitors Using 1960’s Technology – GPS’ technology produces positive and negative ions through patented needlepoint ion technology powered by state of the art micro-circuitry. The GPS technology does NOT produce detectable ozone under any operating velocity or humidity and has been confirmed by UL’s test standard UL 867-2007. Older plasma systems that rely on a corona discharge through a glass tube with metal mesh on the interior and exterior WILL create ozone. Several manufacturers could not pass a recent ozone chamber test performed by the CDC. An example of the traditional ion tubes are shown in the photo below. Caution must be exercised when using traditional ion tubes because as the humidity decreases or the velocity decreases in a variable air volume (VAV) system, ozone will be produced at unsafe levels and there will not be enough air to dilute the ozone. Any ion manufacturing company serious about the well being of their clients should provide ozone data from a UL 867-2007 ozone chamber test. Any other testing is irrelevant.

Odor and Allergy Review Click Here 

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Susan Sanderson Clive, IA. – We love to cook BLT’s in the summer, but we hate the lingering odor of bacon for 2 days. We did not purchase this with our intent on only removing odors, more for our Allergies. We are really happy with this so far. The bacon odor was gone within 2-3 hours not sure really how long because around 2-3 hours I mentioned to my husband I do not smell the bacon anymore. We have also noticed the reduction of indoor allergies. I usually wake up and have to go through my allergy ritual in the morning of blowing my noise 5-6 times, taking allergy medicine and the overall feeling of a heavy head. Since we had this installed I do not wake up and do the allergy ritual anymore. I do not have the heavy head! I have reduced my allergy medicine to over the counter 12 hour versus prescription 24 hour with decongestant. We also have reduced our dust level in the home. I dust about every three-four weeks now versus every week before. We were looking into purchasing UV bulb system from another company, but those bulbs cost $100 each year and there are two of them. The only thing we need to do with this system is replace a component every 12 years for $100.00 thats it! Thanks BEST for everything I hope I did not ramble on in my testimonial.

Charles Morton Des Moines, IA. – We just love this little miracle box! Removes odors fast, reduces dust in home, and it really does help with my allergies. I usually get sinus infections about twice a year. Since I had this installed with my furnace 2 years ago I have not had any sinus infections. My doctor says its because of the little miracle box.