Furnace Maintenance Des Moines, IA

Your furnace unit requires regular maintenance to ensure that it functions smoothly and efficiently, especially during the winter. The key items to examine during a typical furnace maintenance check-up include:

heater maintenance des moinesHeating Fuel Connections

The Department of Energy (DOE) recommends ensuring that all heating fuel connections are in good condition and work as expected. This is particularly important because heating fuel (gas or oil) leaks could ignite and cause fires that could burn down your home. What’s more, fuel leaks also lower the efficiency of your heater.

Electrical Connections

According to the DOE, loose or faulty electrical connections could reduce the lifetime of certain heater parts and compromise the safety of the entire unit. For this reason, you should examine your heating unit carefully for loose connections, frayed wiring and worn out plugs. In particular, pay attention to your heater’s control box as well as related accessories and connections including circuit boards, relays, electrical wiring, and connectors. While at it, replace all the parts or connections that show signs of damage (broken or worn out).

Air Filter

A dirty air filter can lower the heating efficiency of your heater, increase the likelihood of equipment failure and increase energy costs. To avoid these problems, you should examine your heater’s air filter monthly and replace it with a new one every 90 days. If you are looking for an expert to assist you with this task, contact us today.

Moving Parts

Lubricate all moving parts to reduce friction and improve your furnace’s operating efficiency. Remember, the higher the rate of wear and tear, the higher the likelihood of premature equipment failure, which would translate to high maintenance costs.


The key items to pay special attention to when undertaking a typical heater maintenance check-up include the electrical connections, moving parts, heating fuel connections, air filter, and the control box. Regular maintenance check-ups would ensure better heating efficiency, lower energy costs as well as the lower likelihood of equipment failure. Visit us today for expert heater and furnace maintenance service.

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