At BEST Heating, Cooling & Electric, we believe in only using the most reliable equipment available today.

Why? We want happy customers, not dissatisfied ones.

A large number of homeowners are unaware that heating and cooling manufacturers make different styles of units based on certain price points.

We call these Builder Models, Entry Level, and Premium. Today we will compare Builder Models versus Premium Models.

A builder model is usually a scaled-down version of the premium model. Manufacturers remove the compressor blanket which increases the noise level (dB) the A/C gives off while running. They strip back the outside grill that protects the coils from damage. You know when your lawn mower shoots out rocks or sticks from the blades and if it happens to hit an unprotected coil; guess what you’re A/C is TERMINATED. Some manufacturers also manufacture aluminum heat exchangers versus 100% stainless steel. Imagine your heat passing through a pop can. The heat that continuously passes through that aluminum during the bitter cold Iowa winters will wear out 14 times faster than if it were passing through the stainless steel.

The warranties for the builder models are usually 5 years parts & 1-year labor versus 10 years parts & labor for the premium models. These builder models usually have a reduced lifespan and have an increased amount of service calls during its reduced life. This means that you will eventually pay more in repairs, labor, and time if you buy the builder model than if you would have just purchased the premium model. Some premium models come with lifetime warranties. When you have to take time off work to be there when the repair person comes out to fix the issue that is more money taken away from you. All this begins after your second year of owning this builder model. Manufacturers don’t have a choice but to offer 3 levels of equipment because too many people purchase based on initial cost versus the overall cost of ownership.

Honestly; it’s what we do BEST. So give us a call, we will come out and give you a “Hassle-Free” in-home estimate. Our Home Comfort Advisor will come out and detail out everything to you. Normally it takes no more than one hour. We provide our customers with “Jerk Free” service and prefer to educate our customers so they can make an informed decision. We do not provide high pressure or tricky sales techniques. The Home Comfort Advisor will do a complete diagnosis of the systems air flow and complete a load calculation of the home to ensure we install HVAC SAVE Certified home comfort systems. This will ensure years of worry-free warranty service, cleaner air for you and your family to breathe and unmatched energy efficiency.